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Ved Kh

Stock Trading Secrets Demystified

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What are those Stock Trading Secrets one need to learn to make money consistently in the Stock Market? This is the question every novice to medium experienced traders seeks answer for and they continuously put in their time & efforts…

Online share trading in India


Traders and investors can start online share trading in India through 2 major Stock exchanges. BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) NSE (National Stock Exchange) One can buy and sell shares through Stock Brokers, Banks & Financial Institutions registered with one of…

Trading the Stochastics Indicator


Before we start with Stochastics, let us understand what are Leading and Lagging Indicators. Moving Average & MACD are trend following Indicators which are effective only in trending market. Lagging indicators follow price movement and hence they have lesser price predictive abilities – which mean…

Do you know what to trade in share markets?

Do you know what to trade in share market

Equity Cash market, Stock Futures, Stock Options in Share Markets or other markets – Commodity or Forex? To be a successful trader, you need to understand what you should be really trading for living.  It is necessary to choose & trade…