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Ved Kh

How to use the ADX Indicator?

ADX indicator

What is ADX indicator? The ADX indicator is a trend-following indicator.  It measures the strength of a trend, whether it is a strong or weak trend. Developed in 1978 by J. Welles Wider Jr, it is one of the most…

Top Continuation chart pattern for trading

What are the top Continuation Chart Pattern for trading? Continuation Pattern for trading stocks in an existing trend – uptrend or downtrend, is a powerful trading strategy used by Pro traders for a long time. They signify continuity of the existing…

Top Reversal Chart patterns


Reversal Patterns are chart patterns that indicate reversal of a trend when price breakouts of the pattern Let’s understand in detail top 8 reversal chartpatterns. 1. Double Top  The Double Top is a very popular reversal pattern you would see on top of…